• Office Location

    YIM HOUSE, Ability Square, Adjiriganor, Accra
  • Phone Numbers

    (+233) 303937225 / 0572291715

Terms & Condition

Our credibility over the years have built trust with our affiliate banks, who are ready to give a twenty four (24) hours loan facility to anyone who is ready and committed to acquiring genuine land from us.

Bank guarantee: Though we are confident that all our lands are genuine and peaceful, we are also not writing off the fact that some customers may want us to go beyond this assurance.

We offer our customers who make full cash payments or installment, one or more years Bank guarantee on request. This works out rightly as our affiliate Bank (HFC BANK) provides bank guarantees for total payments made. This is to provide a sense of security and control to our clients, on how their payments can be refunded to them if an issue arises with the acquired property. There will be a consensual agreement and resolution if any inconvenience occurs.

We also offer credit options for our clients who will like to purchase on credit basis. These options vary with regards to the payment plan available. We simply request a reasonable amount as deposit for credit sales. Available options include three (3), six (6), twelve (12), twenty four (24), thirty six (36) and forty eight (48) months installment plans. With customized payment plans and an unparalleled customer service laced with timeless honesty as our service trademark, you are assured of dealing with a credible reputable and experienced land sales company.

Mode of payment

  • Full cash payments are to be made at our affiliate banks which are HFC Bank and Multibility Micro Finance limited. This could be through cash deposits, standing orders, mobile money, cheque etc.

Installments payments can also be made through Multibility Micro Finance or HFC bank.