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Why Real Assets

Why Real Assets


20 years of experience in the real estate industry especially in land sales in Ghana, we can confidently say without any shred of doubt that, our lands are located in very enviable prime locations in the said regions. This fact is evidently backed by the percentage increases in the pricing of the lands and the fast pace at which lands are sold and developed. The prices of lands at these areas have seen massive increment of over eight-hundred percent (800%) over the past decade.
Real Assets Limited gives its cherished and valued clients/ customers the opportunity to own genuine, registered and titled litigation free lands for either residential or commercial development. These lands comes in different packages; serviced lands with full access to potable water, electricity, access roads that links to  major roads as well as other social amenities.  Others are also un-serviced but Real Assets has a medium term vision to develop these areas and turn them into fully serviced lands.
To our cherished and valued clients, Real Assets Limited has further strengthened the assurances that it gives to its clients by giving in addition to the promises bank guarantee for upfront payments made from its bankers HFC Bank Limited, a trusted financial institution in the real estate industry in Ghana.
Pursuant to our core values to give satisfaction to our valued customers, Real Assets Limited in partnership with some reputable financial institution which permits our valued clients to access loans to finance the purchasing of lands at very low rates and repay back in installment.



Payments can be cash/upfront or credit.
Credit sales is between three months and four years.
It can also be made to other bankers who can also issue you a bank guarantee upon request.

You can also make payments through our mobile money outlets

MTN -0240 769456

Vodafone - 135299